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Gambuca LLC is based in New Jersey, and specializes in custom products. We have been doing business since 2016. 
In an effort to reduce waste, we use recyclable and compostable products where available. 

Some of our printing methods include:
Sublimation: a dyeing process that fully marries ink to item, so there is no raised areas. Will not wrinkle or wash out. Limited to polyester garments and hard surface items. 
White Toner garment transfer: a printing process for garments that has multiple colors, and when pressed, feels like a normal screen printed garment. Used on single shirts, and it will not wrinkle or fade, but may crack over time just as store bought shirts do. 
Screen print: used only on large runs and with only 1-2 colors, this process leaves a raised matte feeling of the design. Longest durability, but will eventually crack over time just as store bought shirts do. 
Vinyl: seldom used and will be specified in listing. May wrinkle and has shortest durability. 

Please contact us with questions.